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Remembering where we came from and where we are heading to.

OBL a story to be told; two people, one dream a world of passion


OBL was established in July 1975. Two persons that used to work for IDROMECCANICA (Italian distributor of German centrifugal process pumps and manufacturer of metering pumps): Massimo Bähr former, President of IDROMECCANICA, and Benito Leonetti, metering pumps Chief designer of dosing department of the same company, set up OBL with little money and lots of passion.

By 1985, OBL was recognised as the most reliable Italian manufacturer of metering pumps. Again OBL was concentrated on being product-oriented more than market-oriented.

Pumps were designed with the best technical solutions to meet a specific application more than being more economical or launch into the market a new pump to cut of a competitor.



OBL national and international position increased steadily between 1990 and 2000, thanks to new attention in setting up international distributors’ network in combination with new, revolutionary and extremely reliable products. Together with metering pumps OBL developed polymer make-up systems, from both dry and liquid status as well as electrical actuators for its own pumps.

In the last few years particular attention was given to process metering pumps. OBL that, until the year 2000 was considered a company that had the best metering pumps for WWTP and industrial application, gained reputation in industrial (petrochemical and Oil&Gas) application. line. OBL is now recognised among the five top manufacturers of metering pumps worldwide.



Procurement, assembly and testing on every single pump being carried out in Milan operations, are a full guarantee to a very high quality level.

At the beginning of 2009, in the middle of the worst crisis of the past 50 years, OBL reacted: maintaining the same market share, developing new products (see picture of the latest OBL process pump).
In different steps, the sons of Mr Bahr and Mr Leonetti joined the company giving new vision to several segments.

In July 2010 OBL was acquired last July by IDEX Corporation; OBL is now a business unit in the Water and Waste Water (Fluid and Metering Technology segment, working independently and in synergy with the other brands in the same segment).

We are now ready for new challenges and new opportunities thanks to the worldwide presence of Idex Corp both in terms of procurement and sales channel, always remembering where we came from and our culture (quality and price first, not price only!).




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