OBL milestones

  • 1975, OBL was established and first packed plunger API 675 metering pump was designed
  • 1980, the first hydraulic diaphragm API 675 metering pump was designed
  • 1983, the first high pressure (up to 400 bar g) packed plunger API 675 metering pump was designed
  • 1987, OBL designed the first smart diaphragm system (mechanically actuated diaphragm); for that date on all OBL hydraulic diaphragm pumps were equipped with smart system
  • 1990, the first mechanical diaphragm OBL pump was designed; one of the greatest outcome. OBL become leader supplier of these products (mechanical diaphragm was patented) setting up private labelling contracts with some of its largest competitors.
  • 1990 OBL designed its own electrical actuator
  • 1994, the first metallic hydraulic diaphragm pump was designed (high pressure dosing of liquefied gases)
  • 1998, OBL was first found to be complying with ISO 9001 quality system, back then 1994, now ISO 9001: 2000, by DNV Italy
  • 1998, OBL launches the black-line series basically invading all new fast growing markets (South America but most of all China and Asia-pacific regions). These products were then reverse engineered with poorer outcome. OBL, with procurement, assembly and testing being carried in Milan, has the most reliable portfolio of European pumps available on the market
  • 2001, XL pumps, a real revolution in the metering pump world was launched. OBL made possible to have an hydraulic diaphragm pump comply with API 675 and yet be economical
  • 2002, X9 series was lunched and completed only during 2008, a state-of-the-art double hydraulic diaphragm process pumps in full conformity with API 675
  • 2007, OBL is among the few players with electrical actuator able to dialogue directly with PROFIBUS ® DP-V0 protocol of communication
  • 2009, the new XLC pump was launched
  • 2010, transition to ISO 9001: 2008 started
  • 2010, Idex Corp acquires OBL
  • 2011, OBL complies to ISO 9001:2008, by RINA Services S.p.A.

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